As a benefit to its e-learner students, Rickford University has created the RU Student Rewards Program. The program is a simple way for online university students to earn reward points for their classroom and out of classroom activities: completing their course work, participating in class, or completing a certificate program. In addition to that, they can earn bonus points for achieving high marks, submitting their end of course survey, and many other tiers they would naturally reach anyway.

Under the Student Rewards Program, as students earn and accumulate the Reward points, they qualify for prizes. For instance, earning an "A" grade will give them 100 points and earning a "B" will provide you with another 50 points. After the students opt into the program and receive their automatic 100 points, they already qualify for a nice ceramic RU mug (250 points). Students gathering enough points will be rewarded with teddy bears, USB drives, and an iPad for accumulating a maximum of 5000 reward points. The students also receive 250 student rewards point every time on referring a new student.

All students need to be in good standing and reputation with Rickford University. They should:
•    Participate and maintain RU Student Rewards Program account AAU
•    Be eager, study hard, and have fun

To enroll in the RU Student Rewards Program, students can log in to their online accounts given by the university. It is advisable that the students read the terms and conditions before applying the Student Rewards Program. For further information about the reward program, or if you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with our Reward Program Counselors at admissions@rickforduniversity.com or phone number 1-855-788-7665. 

Every time any participating Rickford Student refers another student, the participating student receives 250 Student Reward points. The criteria for this program are as follows:
•    Points will be awarded once the referred student has successfully passed the census period of their first session
•    The points awarded per referred student is 250
•    Referring student is also eligible for Allied Family & Friends Referral Program
•    Student Rewards points are not limited to only one referral per year
•    Admissions Representative or PSA must fill out and submit a Family and Friends Referral Program Student Rewards Request Form
The Student Rewards Program is introduced to help students remember the classroom rules and commonsense manners," said an RU professor. “The main purpose of the program is behavior modification, and it seems to be working."

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